Fresco Bon Tempe Lake

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Color is a constant vibration that soothes or stimulates....
A door to healing......A link to spirituality.....
It is my joy  to support the fulfilment of your being


A portal for Meditation and Healing


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Patricia 27/04/2008 06:46

Minouche has a true facility with color. She knows how to use color to bring about inner balance and peace. I love the bedrrom murals she has done for the women on this site. I am aware of her work and she has unusual insight and sensitivity.

veronique belgum 04/02/2008 21:08

Res fresques sont spectaculaires
You are amaizing

Johanna Sherlin 28/01/2008 22:16

Minouche's wonderful fresco of Bon Tempe Lake has transformed my bedroom! The landscape is serene, spacious and beautiful. The colors are warm and rich; they glow as if they were in sunlight. Minouche is a genius with limewash and natural pigments. I have never seen anything like it. Her intuition guided her to bring water into the room to balance the energy. It is perfect for me! I grew up near lakes and I miss them, so the mural is the perfect blending of my love for both Minnesota and Marin. The hummingbirds add the final touch of joy and life. I sleep and wake peacefully with this mural.

Jenai Lane 16/01/2008 23:11

I love you mural work.It is truly extraordinary

Josiane Antonete 16/01/2008 22:58

How wonderful is your work...I am full of Love when I look at your work...